Brisky - Your guide to a better night

Brisky is a nightlife event discovery platform. The everyday nightlife experience of non-regular customers are highly chaotic, the decision to spend the night at a certain club/restaurant is an important one and can make/ruin a much awaited weekend. This decision could be influenced by several factors such as entry/cover charges, bookings/guest lists, stag/couple entries, happy hour timings, ongoing events etc.
Brisky was a bootstrapped early stage startup based out of Pune back in 2015 and recently got acquired by food-tech company SpoonShot.


Project Goals

  • Provide maximum necessary information for events on the home-screen, enabling easy discovery.

  • Bring transparency in terms of pricing (huge pain-point), simplify entry/cover charges schemes.

  • Link events with venues, create separate venue page, increasing reliability.

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