Aakash Shrivastava | UX Designer

Solve Problems with Design


Hello, I’m Aakash!

I’m a Design Generalist with three years of startup work experience. I love technology, and I help teams build meaningful software. I believe in human-centered problem solving and strive for the right solution for the customer, over fast/easy.

Working at startups, I have evolved my design process around collaboration and critique. My usual day at work revolves around defining business goals, understanding user needs, or aligning pixels with the product vision.

I'm open-minded, despite sometimes strongly opinionated. Please drop a line if you'd like to start a conversation. :)



Work Experience

UX Lead - Product
CARS24, Gurgaon
April 2019 to September 2019

UX Designer
FarEye, New Delhi
Oct 2016 to Mar 2019

UX Designer (Contract)
Brisky, Pune (India)
Nov 2015 to Dec 2015

UX Design Intern
Design For Use
May 2015 to June 2015


Bachelor of Design
Major - User Experience Design
Symbiosis Institute of Design
Class of 2016


Past Work


SaaS for Ecommerce Logistics

A modern redesign for a legacy SaaS solution for e-commerce logistics that is adaptable to regional/business anomalies, and makes primary tasks up to 3x faster.

#Interaction Design #Design Systems #Visual Design

Visually Programming Hardware

A visual programming environment that follows Imitation as a metaphor for Interaction design. This project pitches a new programming paradigm where users don’t have to follow/understand any of the usual programming vocabularies.

#Arduino #HardwarePrototyping #AcademicResearch

Brisky - Mobile App Design

Brisky was a bootstrapped early stage startup based out of Pune and recently got acquired by food-tech company SpoonShot. Brisky helped it’s users in discovering nightlife events and bringing transparency with regards to entry/cover charges and stag/couple entries.

#Visual Design #MVP #Booking


Groupon Mobile App Design

Groupon India (now NearBuy) is a unique marketplace for deals spanning domains such as Food and Dining, Travel, Products, Fashion etc. This project covered 50+ screens and was done while I interned at Design For Use, Delhi NCR.

#VisualDesign #CrossPlatformDesign